Working in an office is a rewarding experience that can present greater opportunities for those who are willing to work hard. It can also be stressful at times and can lead to a lack of motivation to want to do the actual work.

More often than not, office workers spend the majority of their work day looking at a computer screen or working on complex and intricate tasks that require a great deal of concentration. As a result, they get so caught up in the task they forget the basics such as having a glass of water.

Being focused on a task is not a bad thing, but not getting enough water can deeply affect a person’s ability to perform a task while working. If you are worried about the health and well-being of your workers or yourself, as a business owner, you should consider investing in a water cooler for your office.

Why Should I Invest in a Water Cooler?

The human body is made up of approximately 70% water, our brain is around 75% while blood is over 80%. As you can see, water is an important necessity we need in order to function properly. Because our body is predominantly made up of water, it is important that we get a steady intake of H2O, about 250ml every half an hour throughout the day; not only to keep us hydrated, but to ensure our brain can function properly. This is particularly important for office workers, as even a water loss of 1% can on set dehydration.

It’s no wonder so many people feel their minds wandering when they are working, as they are not getting enough water. Tiredness is a symptom of dehydration as your brain is signalling to you that you need to rehydrate.

As a business owner, a water cooler could be one of the best investments you make for your workers. Not all offices have their own kitchen and shared kitchens can often be messy and unclean.

With a water cooler, not only are they easy to install, the convenience they provide to you and your workers is unprecedented. The water is pure, meaning it is free from any toxins that may still be in tap water and the taste far outweighs any negative connotations people have about water.

A happy environment is a productive one, and when your workers are happy, that translates into an increased level of productivity, making your investment worthwhile in the long run.

Isn’t is the Same as Tap Water?

There is a common misconception that purified water and tap water are exactly the same, and while it is true that all water comes from the same sources, tap water and purified water are totally different. When tap water is treated with chlorine and fluoride, it is done in small amounts. However, not all micro-organisms are completely removed and some people may get sick from them.

Pure Water from a cooler, is completely free of all nasty toxins and bacteria and the taste can’t be matched.

As a leading specialist in water coolers, you’re sure to find the right water cooler at the best price to suit your office needs. If you would like more information or are interested in purchasing a cooler, contact the team at Refresh Pure Water and we will happily assist you with all your water cooler needs.