Spring  water has taken an important role in the diet of Australian, because most people believe that it is micro-biologically and nutritionally superior then tap water.

Several health benefits have been attributed to the mineral and trace element content of spring waters.  However, it cannot be assumed that all spring  provide the same health benefits due to the variation in location and extraction method.

Refresh Spring Water is freshest and purest spring water and you will really taste the difference.

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    Drinking spring water is the safest option as it is the most natural, pure water and contains many essential minerals that our bodies need:

    • Spring water contains no toxins and promotes the growth cells because of its perfect mineral composition;

    • Spring water is low in magnesium and calcium and has a perfectly balanced PH of 7.5;

    • Spring water is 100% free of any sort of contamination or toxins;

    • Spring water is considered safe for new-borns to drink, so it has to be good for you;

    • Drinking spring water is drinking water in its raw, natural state; the way nature intended it;

    • Spring water tastes great and will make your tea and coffee taste much better as well.


    • 4 x 15L bottle per month
    • 2 Tap Room & Cold Cooler
    • 12 months Rental
    • $40 Refundable deposit
    • Free installation, delivery and service
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