If you are an existing Refresh customer or ordering your first delivery of bottled water for the home or business, you will be pleased to know that we have a range of great accessories.

All of our water dispenser accessories are available for order with your next delivery of natural spring water.

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    Wooden Bench

    Our wooden benches are the perfect accessory for your Refresh Spring Water.

    Ceramic Well

    Keep your water naturally cool. Perfect for the home or business

    Plastic Well

    Suitable to home or business, sits on any benchtop.

    Wooden Floor Stand

    The Refresh wooden stand is great for offices, receptions and staff rooms.

    Plastic Drinking Cups

    Available in both small and large quantities.


    • 5 x 15L bottle per month
    • 2 Tap Room & Cold Cooler
    • 12 months Rental
    • Includes $50 refundable deposits
    • Free installation, delivery and service
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